Leaked Pictures of Power_Midget Get Taken Down From Google

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If you don’t know about the influencer power_midget, you might want to check her social profiles. She is a powerlifter and is hot and amazing! She goes by the name Peta and has more than 300K followers on Instagram. Recently, a news of her leaked photos were making rounds after which the agency handling power_midget on internet filed content removal request through DMCA. Google has, after that, blocked many adult websites that featured leaked images and videos of Power_midget.

Who is PETA(power_midget)?

PETA calls herself as a “4ft 8” British u52kg Powerlifter 💪🏻Tattoo enthusiast 🖤” in her Instagram BIO but she is also an onlyfans model. Recently, after her leaked nude pictures and videos were making rounds, her agency took some action and they were taken down. Since power_midget makes money using her pictures and videos, it is a source of her income and so is was important that she took action against the leaked pictures.

Her onlyfans account can be reached at https://onlyfans.com/power_midget.

Why is power_midget so popular?

With about 2.7K images and 325 videos on Onlyfans, power_midget is extremely popular and has more than a million likes on the platform. She claims that her videos can be classified as midget p*orn and therefore she is an adult actress and model too! Many people are into the midget p*rn and being so well built and beautiful, she definitely has a huge number of admirers.

Being a niche influencer, she has gained fame because of not only being a body-positive powerlifter but she also says her content is advert free which is preferred by a lot of viewers.

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Why leaked pictures of power_midget were illegal?

In her onlyfans bio, power_midget says “WARNING! Stealing content is illegal. My content is owned by me and protected by DMCA laws. You may not copy, share or repost any content.” It means that she doesn’t grant right to anyone for reusing her content without consent. That is why all those leaked pictures of power_midget were actually illegal and needed to be removed.

Power_Midget Onlyfans rates revealed

These are the subscription rates for power_midget’s onlyfans content –

  • 3 MONTHS (30% off) – $21 total
  • 6 MONTHS (40% off) – $36 total
  • 12 MONTHS (50% off) – $60 total

Leaked pictures are a big issue in onlyfans community. Websites like coomer also leak major influencer’s content without their consent which makes them lose money! It is legal and fair to pay for the content you enjoy! For more updates on power_midget, follow her on Instagram.

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