To Make Two People Call Each Other Sounds Fun, Until It Isn’t Fun

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Ever thought of using those ‘2 Phone Prank’ websites? These websites provide a facility to make two people call each other which sound like a funny prank but is it? Now, imagine getting an unexpected call, only to be thrown into a confusing conversation with a stranger. Websites promising ‘funny’ pranks can make this happen, causing frustration, wasted time, and even worse for the people on the receiving end.

If you are thinking of doing one of these phone call pranks, stop right now! Because it may not only disturb the other person, but also bring legal impact on you. However, before we get into the details of the impact that these 2 phone call pranks come with, let us talk about how these prank work.

How does ‘2 Phone Prank’ work?

The 2 Phones prank works by making two people who might be your friends or enemies, unknowingly get to make two people call each other through a third party service.

Some of these websites have pre-recorded conversation. The two phone they call think that they are talking to a real person. But instead, they are talking to a recorded audio. That makes them frustrated and angry. But these can be a very harmful prank because this may sometimes make the person mentally disturbed too.

Another way this 2 phone prank works is by using the 3-way calling feature. In this feature. the service calls the two target phone numbers and then merges their call. This is a little more complex than just recording an audio.

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When you make two people call each other, it might be fun. But when you do this with strangers or people you want to take revenge from, this turns into a bad idea.

Countries like USA, UK, India, France and many European countries have strict policies against these prank apps. If caught, you can be in a legal trouble.

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Soundboards are also a way to prank and make two people call each other.

Can the victim of your 2 Phone prank take legal action against you?

Although it sure is a little hard to track the person who would use a website or app to do these 2 phone pranks, sometimes you might get caught. If caught, the victim of your prank can take legal action against you. Here are the reasons this prank may invite legal actions-

  • It is a form of harassment.
  • It’s mental disturbance and may disturb someone’s important work which they might be doing when your call happens. This may result in financial loss and may bring a legal case.
  • Most of the countries have strong laws against misuse of communication devices like phones and PCs.
  • Some pranking websites also make two people call each other only to record their calls. This is a federal offence.
  • Emotional abuse is also a ground to take legal action against the prankster.
  • If your intent is found to be of cruelty, you may have another legal implication incoming.

List of websites and Apps that claim to provide this 2 Phone prank service

Here is a list of websites and apps that promise to make two numbers call each other as a prank. We are providing this list so that you can stay away from these-

  • Spoofdial
  • Prank Hotline
  • Prank Owl
  • Prankoncall
  • Just the 3 of us
  • Ownage Prank
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To our surprise, even Wikihow has an article about how to prank friends and not get caught! Damn!

Are you a victim of such 2 phone prank?

screenshot of FCC website form to report prank calls

Some FAQs related to phone call pranks

Is prank calling illegal in USA?

Yes, Penal Code 653m PC is a California state law that handles annoying or harassing phone calls and electronic communications. The intent of the call is observed and if found to be harmful, disturbing or threatening, this surely is termed illegal. There are similar laws all over the USA.

How do you deal with prank calls?

You can contact government officials, a law firm, or police to complaint against prank calls. You can also try speaking to the prankster in case they are underage. A direct submission of complaint on the FCC.GOV website can also be done using the button we have provided above.

What are the laws against prank calling in USA?

StateLaw/Code TitleDescription
FederalTelephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)Restricts automated, unsolicited telemarketing calls, faxes, and pre-recorded messages. Focus on commercial communication, but elements can overlap with pranks in some cases.
TexasPenal Code § 42.07 HarassmentProhibits repeated or anonymous calls, electronic communication, or contact with the intent to harass, annoy, alarm, abuse, torment, or embarrass another person.
New YorkPenal Law § 240.30 Aggravated Harassment in the Second DegreeCovers making calls (or other communication) with intent to harass, annoy, threaten, or alarm another person. Also includes a pattern of conduct that seriously annoys or alarms a person.
FloridaStatute § 365.162 Telephone harassmentProhibits making a phone call or repeatedly calling with the intent to annoy or harass another. Additional offenses include obscene language and threats.

Disclaimer: We are not legal professionals. The information in this article is for educational and awareness purposes only. It should not be considered a substitute for professional legal advice. If you’re facing a legal issue related to prank calls, please consult with a qualified attorney in your jurisdiction. We are not responsible for any actions taken based solely on the information presented here.

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