Free Online AARP Games List and How To Play Them

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If you are a game enthusiast and you want to find a gaming hub with free online games, AARP games is your place to go. AARP games has huge database of free online games to play and you can find the complete list of those games here. In this article, I am going to give you all free AARP Games and also tell you how to play those.

What are AARP games?

American Association of Retired Persons or AARP is a website for retired adults and the games available on AARP also called as AARP Games are for those retired adults. People who have grown into their retired life want to play these AARP games to keep their mind active and refreshed. These games are both available for free as well as registered members.

Because of their well-chosen game type, AARP games are very popular among retired adults in America. However, it’s not only popular among grown-ups. Teens also enjoy these AARP games equally.

List of All Popular AARP Games

Before we go on and tell you about how to play these AARP games, first check this list of games available on the AARP website. These games vary from Strategy games, Puzzles, Arcade, Card Games, Trivia, Mahjongg etc.

List of major AARP Games and how to play them

GameHow to play?
10X10Here’s how to play the 10X10 AARP game:
Challenge Yourself: A 10×10 puzzle is a fun way to test your problem-solving skills.
Be Creative: With only 100 squares, think outside the box and use logic to solve the puzzle.
Look for Patterns: Start by searching for patterns and symmetries within the puzzle.
Break it Down: If the puzzle seems overwhelming, try breaking it into smaller, more manageable parts.
2048Your AARP 2048 Game Guide:
Slide & Combine: Just like other AARP games, 2048 challenges your brain. Move tiles around the grid to merge matching numbers and create larger ones.
Reach 2048: Similar to achieving a high score in other AARP games, reaching 2048 is the ultimate goal! Keep combining tiles until you hit the magic number.
Increasing Difficulty: As with many AARP games, 2048 gets trickier as you progress, so stay sharp and engaged!
Strategic Moves: Planning is key in AARP games. Strategically slide your tiles to avoid getting stuck and maximize your score.
Addictive Fun: Like all great AARP games, 2048 offers hours of entertainment and mental stimulation. Get ready to play!
5 RollYour AARP 5 Roll Game Guide:
Roll & Score: Like other AARP games, 5 Roll challenges your decision-making skills. Roll the five dice up to three times and choose which to keep to maximize your score.
Scoring Categories: Similar to other AARP games with multiple ways to win, 5 Roll has various scoring categories like Full House, Straight, and Three/Four of a Kind.
Bonus Points: Just as AARP rewards its members, 5 Roll rewards you with bonus points for rolling five dice of the same color.
Strategic Choices: As with many AARP games, strategy is key in 5 Roll. Choose your scoring categories and re-rolls wisely to achieve the highest score possible.
Engaging Fun: Like all AARP games, 5 Roll provides a fun and engaging experience that will keep you entertained for hours on end.
8 Ball PoolYour AARP 8 Ball Pool Game Guide:
Sink Your Shots: Just like other AARP games, 8 Ball Pool challenges your hand-eye coordination. Aim your cue stick and pot your assigned balls (stripes or solids) before your opponent does.
The 8 Ball is Key: Similar to achieving a bingo in other AARP games, pocketing the 8 ball legally wins you the game. But be careful not to sink it too early!
Strategic Angles: As with many AARP games, strategy is crucial in 8 Ball Pool. Plan your shots carefully to leave your opponent with difficult positions.
Bonus Points: Similar to rewards in other AARP games, 8 Ball Pool offers bonus points for achievements like sinking multiple balls in one shot or winning without giving your opponent a turn.
Competitive Fun: Like all AARP games, 8 Ball Pool provides a fun and competitive environment to challenge your skills against other players.
9 Ball PoolYour AARP 9 Ball Pool Game Guide:
Pocket the Balls in Order: Just like other AARP games that require strategy and focus, 9 Ball Pool challenges you to pocket the balls in numerical order, starting with the 1 ball.
The 9 Ball Wins: Similar to hitting a jackpot in other AARP games, pocketing the 9 ball wins you the game, regardless of who pocketed the other balls.
Always Hit the Lowest Ball: As with many AARP games that have specific rules, 9 Ball Pool requires you to always hit the lowest numbered ball on the table first with the cue ball.
Fouls and Opportunities: Like other AARP games that offer second chances, 9 Ball Pool allows your opponent to take advantage if you foul, such as sinking the cue ball or pocketing a ball out of order.
Fast-Paced Fun: Like all AARP games, 9 Ball Pool provides a fun and exciting experience that will keep you engaged and entertained.
Blue Zones Mahjongg DimensionsYour AARP Blue Zones Mahjongg Dimensions Game Guide:
Match & Clear: Just like other AARP games that exercise your mind, Mahjongg Dimensions challenges your memory and pattern recognition. Find and match pairs of identical tiles to clear them from the board.
Complete the Puzzle: Similar to completing a jigsaw puzzle in other AARP games, your goal in Mahjongg Dimensions is to clear the entire 3D structure by matching all the tiles.
Unique Twist: Inspired by the Blue Zones principles for longevity, this Mahjongg game adds a unique twist with special tiles that represent healthy lifestyle choices like exercise and nutritious foods.
Bonus Points & Rewards: As with many AARP games that encourage healthy habits, Blue Zones Mahjongg Dimensions rewards you with bonus points for matching these special tiles, aligning with AARP’s mission to promote well-being.
Relaxing & Engaging: Like all AARP games, Mahjongg Dimensions offers a relaxing and engaging experience that will keep you entertained while promoting mental agility.
Right Again! TriviaYour AARP Right Again! Trivia Game Guide:
Test Your Knowledge: Like other AARP games that keep your mind sharp, Right Again! Trivia challenges you with a variety of questions on topics like history, pop culture, and current events.
Daily Dose of Trivia: Similar to the daily crossword or Sudoku in other AARP games, Right Again! Trivia offers a new set of questions each day, providing a consistent mental workout.
Clues & Hints: Just as AARP resources provide guidance in real life, Right Again! Trivia offers clues and hints throughout the game to help you solve the Final Q puzzle.
Rewards for AARP Members: Like many AARP programs, Right Again! Trivia offers special features and rewards for AARP members, encouraging participation and community engagement.
Learn & Have Fun: As with all AARP games, Right Again! Trivia is designed to be both educational and entertaining, promoting lifelong learning and social connection.
Right Again! Trivia SportsSimilar
SongTheme™Your AARP SongTheme™ Game Guide:
Guess the Theme: Like other AARP games that stimulate your mind, SongTheme™ challenges you to identify the common theme connecting a series of song snippets.
Diverse Themes: Similar to AARP’s diverse membership, SongTheme™ offers a wide range of themes, from decades to genres to specific topics, ensuring a fun and engaging experience for everyone.
Hints & Clues: Just as AARP resources provide helpful information, SongTheme™ offers hints and clues throughout the game to help you guess the theme and complete the playlist.
Social Interaction: Like many AARP programs that foster connection, SongTheme™ encourages social interaction, allowing you to share your playlists and challenge friends to guess the themes.
Enjoy the Music: As with all AARP activities, SongTheme™ is designed to be enjoyable and enriching, providing a fun way to appreciate music while keeping your mind active.
Throwback Thursday CrosswordYour AARP Throwback Thursday Crossword Guide:
Nostalgic Clues: Just like reminiscing about old times with friends, Throwback Thursday Crossword sparks memories with clues referencing pop culture, historical events, and iconic figures from the past.
Weekly Challenge: Similar to AARP’s regular social gatherings, the Throwback Thursday Crossword provides a weekly opportunity to exercise your brain and test your knowledge of bygone eras.
Hints and Reveals: Like helpful tips from a friend, Throwback Thursday Crossword offers hints and the option to reveal letters or words if you get stuck, ensuring everyone can enjoy the challenge.
Community Connection: Similar to AARP’s online forums, the crossword fosters a sense of community, where you can share your progress, discuss clues, and celebrate completing the puzzle with fellow enthusiasts.
Fun and Rewarding: As with all AARP activities, Throwback Thursday Crossword is designed to be both fun and rewarding, offering a delightful way to reminisce and stay mentally sharp.
More AARP Games and their details
Addiction SolitaireAARP Addiction Solitaire: Get hooked on building card sequences to fill the tableau! Limited moves and strategic planning make this solitaire game an addictive challenge.
Alu’s Revenge 2AARP Alu’s Revenge 2: Match and collapse colorful tiles to appease the angry genie and escape his temple! Create powerful Benben stones to clear larger groups of tiles and score big in this fast-paced puzzle game.
AsteroidsAARP Asteroids: Pilot your spaceship through a hazardous asteroid field, blasting space rocks and evading enemy fire. Master your thrusters, rotate with precision, and unleash a barrage of missiles to survive in this classic arcade challenge.
BackgammonAARP Backgammon: Race your opponent to bear off all your checkers in this classic game of strategy and chance. Roll the dice, move your checkers wisely, and try to hit a gammon or even a backgammon for extra points!
BallisticAARP Ballistic: Aim, launch, and ricochet your way to high scores in this addictive ball-shooter game. Strategically bounce the ball to clear all the targets and rack up points in each exciting level.
BlackJackAARP Blackjack: Test your luck and skill in this classic card game. Aim for 21 without going over, and beat the dealer’s hand to win. AARP members can enjoy exclusive rewards and features while playing this timeless casino favorite.
Block BreakerAARP Block Breaker: Strategically aim and launch your ball to shatter colorful blocks and clear the screen. Enjoy power-ups, special lightning tiles, and exciting challenges in this addictive and fast-paced arcade game.
BlockablesAARP Blockables: Sharpen your word skills and strategic thinking in this unique crossword-style puzzle game. Answer color-coded clues to fill the grid and reveal a hidden phrase in this brain-boosting challenge.
Block ChampClear rows of blocks by strategically placing them on the grid.
BreakoutUse a paddle and ball to break through a wall of bricks.
BridgeClassic trick-taking card game where partnerships bid and try to win tricks.
Bubble Dragon SagaShoot and match colorful bubbles to rescue baby dragons.
Bubble DragonsPop matching bubbles to free trapped baby dragons.
Bubble ShooterShoot bubbles to match and clear them from the screen.
Canfield SolitaireChallenging solitaire game with limited stock and tableau space.
CentipedeShoot a segmented centipede and other insects descending through a mushroom field.
ChessClassic strategy board game where players aim to checkmate the opponent’s king.
Classic SolitaireTraditional card game where you build sequences to clear the tableau.
CodewordFill in a crossword-style grid by deciphering letter codes.
Coloring Book For Grown-UpsRelax and unwind with a new coloring page each day.
Crescent SolitaireSolitaire game where you build sequences in a crescent-shaped tableau.
Crucigramas DifícilesChallenging Spanish crossword puzzles.
Crucigramas FacilesEasier Spanish crossword puzzles.
Crystal CollapseMatch colorful crystals to clear the board and achieve high scores.
Daily CrosswordTest your word knowledge with a new crossword puzzle each day.
Daily Crossword – Best AmericanEnjoy different crossword styles like Best American, Best Anagram, Best Daily Cryptic, and Best Daily Quick.
Daily Crossword – Best AnagramEngage your brain with a variety of daily puzzles to keep your mind sharp.
Daily Crossword – Best Daily CrypticFind hidden words in a grid of letters, with a new puzzle each day.
Daily Crossword – Best Daily QuickSolve a quick and engaging crossword puzzle.
Daily PuzzleSharpen your mind with a daily puzzle challenge.
Daily Word SearchFind hidden words in a grid of letters.
Daily Word Search by Sisters From AARPEnjoy a word search puzzle crafted by the Sisters from AARP.
DecipherDecipher codes and solve puzzles to keep your mind sharp.
Easy CrosswordSolve a crossword puzzle designed for beginners.
Fill InsFill in the blanks to complete sentences and test your vocabulary.
Forty Thieves SolitairePlay a challenging solitaire game with 40 face-down cards in the tableau.
FreeCell SolitaireA solitaire game where you use free cells to build sequences and move cards.
Get 10 UltimateMerge number tiles to reach the target number 10.
Golf SolitaireRemove cards from the tableau by selecting cards one higher or lower than the top card of the discard pile.
Hard CrosswordTest your word knowledge with a challenging crossword puzzle.
Hidden ObjectsFind hidden objects in a scene to challenge your observation skills.
Holiday Mahjongg DimensionsEnjoy the holiday spirit with this festive twist on classic Mahjongg Dimensions.
MahjonggA classic tile-matching game that’s easy to learn but challenging to master.
Hurray for ChangeEmbrace change and challenge your mind with this engaging game.
Staying SharpA collection of games and puzzles designed to keep your mind sharp and active.
Jewel ShuffleA strategic game where you match and shuffle jewels to clear the board.
Arcade, StrategyA mix of arcade-style gameplay with strategic elements.
JigsawPiece together beautiful images in this relaxing jigsaw puzzle game.
PuzzlesA collection of challenging puzzles to test your skills.
Jigsaw BlastBlast through jigsaw puzzles with speed and precision.
Jungle LegendEmbark on a legendary adventure through the jungle in this arcade game.
Klondike SolitaireThe classic solitaire game, Klondike, with a new twist.
SolitaireA timeless card game that’s perfect for relaxing and unwinding.
Knife SmashTest your aim and reflexes in this addictive knife-throwing game.
Landing PartyGuide your landing party safely to the ground in this challenging arcade game.
Let’s CrosswordPut your word skills to the test with this crossword puzzle game.
Word & Trivia, RewardsA game that combines word and trivia challenges with rewards.
LumenoA strategic puzzle game where you connect colorful dots to light up the board.
Mahjongg CandyA sweet twist on the classic Mahjongg game, featuring candy-themed tiles.
Mahjongg Dark DimensionsExplore the dark dimensions of Mahjongg in this captivating game.
Mahjongg DimensionsA 3D version of the classic Mahjongg game that adds a new dimension of fun.
Mahjongg RemixA remix of the classic Mahjongg game with new challenges and twists.
Mahjongg SolitaireA challenging solitaire game that puts your Mahjongg skills to the test.
Mahjongg Toy ChestExplore a toy chest full of fun and challenging Mahjongg puzzles.
Mahjongg Toy Chest – Classic EditionThe classic edition of Mahjongg Toy Chest, featuring timeless gameplay.
Mahjongg: Age of AlchemyEmbark on an alchemical journey in this mystical Mahjongg game.
MathdokuA mathematical twist on Sudoku, where you must use math to solve the puzzles.
Mental MathTest and improve your mental math skills with this challenging game.
Mini CrosswordA mini version of the classic crossword puzzle, perfect for a quick challenge.
Mirror Map™A game that challenges your memory and spatial awareness using mirror images.
Missile CommandA retro arcade game where you must defend your city from incoming missiles.
Number PopPop the numbered bubbles in order to clear the board in this fast-paced game.
OutspellA challenging word game where you must use your vocabulary to outspell your opponent.
Palabra de CódigoUn juego de palabras y trivia que desafía tu conocimiento y habilidades lingüísticas.
Path FinderUse your strategic skills to find the path to victory in this challenging game.
PongThe classic arcade game Pong, reimagined for modern audiences.
Private EyePut on your detective hat and solve mysteries in this engaging puzzle game.
Puzzle PiecesA collection of word and trivia puzzles to challenge your mind.
Pyramid SolitaireA challenging solitaire game that puts your skills to the test.
Scramble WordsUnscramble the words to form meaningful phrases in this addictive game.
Secret FilesUse your detective skills to uncover secret files in this intriguing game.
Sequence SquareTest your memory and pattern recognition skills in this challenging game.
Slots: Hollywood DreamsSpin the reels and win big in this exciting arcade game.
SmartleA word and trivia game that challenges your knowledge and intelligence.
SnakeThe classic arcade game Snake, reimagined for modern devices.
Space Adventure PinballEmbark on a space adventure in this exciting pinball game.
Spider SolitaireA challenging solitaire game that requires skill and strategy.
Split WordsSplit the words into their components to reveal the hidden message.
Split Words ArcadeA fast-paced arcade version of Split Words for quick challenges.
Stan Newman’s Daily CrosswordSolve Stan Newman’s daily crossword puzzles and test your word skills.
Stan Newman’s Sunday CrosswordChallenge yourself with Stan Newman’s Sunday crossword puzzles.
Staying Sharp Double Up™Double up the fun and challenge your mind with Staying Sharp Double Up™.
Staying Sharp Pattern Match™Test your pattern recognition skills with Staying Sharp Pattern Match™.
SudokuA classic number puzzle game that’s perfect for sharpening your mind.
Sweet ShuffleShuffle the sweets and match them to clear the board in this addictive game.
SyllacrosticA challenging word puzzle game that combines syllables and crossword clues.
Tap Zap BoomTap, zap, and boom your way to victory in this exciting arcade game.
Texas Hold ‘Em PokerTest your poker skills in this classic card game.
Texas Hold’Em: Poquer ClasicoJuega al clásico juego de cartas Texas Hold’Em y demuestra tus habilidades.
Texas Hold’Em: Poquer TorneoParticipa en torneos de poker Texas Hold’Em y compite contra otros jugadores.
The Daily Diagonal SudokuPut a twist on your Sudoku puzzle with The Daily Diagonal Sudoku.
The Daily JigsawPiece together a new jigsaw puzzle every day with The Daily Jigsaw.
The Daily SolitaireEnjoy a new solitaire challenge every day with The Daily Solitaire.
The Daily SudokuChallenge yourself with a new Sudoku puzzle every day with The Daily Sudoku.
The Right CountTest your counting skills and accuracy with The Right Count.
Themed CrosswordSolve themed crossword puzzles and expand your vocabulary.
Think MemoryTest and improve your memory skills with Think Memory.
This Story Is Full of BlanksFill in the blanks and complete the story in this fun and challenging game.
Tic Tac ToePlay the classic game of Tic Tac Toe and challenge your friends.
Today’s HurdleOvercome today’s hurdle and challenge your word skills.
Tripeaks SolitaireA solitaire game where you must clear the board by playing cards in sequence.
TrizzleMatch and stack colorful dolls in this fun and addictive puzzle game.
True?Test your knowledge and discern fact from fiction in this trivia game.
Wander WordsWander through a world of words and uncover hidden phrases in this challenging game.
Word HuntHunt for words and solve puzzles in this engaging word game.
Word WipeSwipe away letters to find words and clear the board in this rewarding game.
WordSmithSharpen your word skills and become a wordsmith in this challenging game.

Can you join AARP even if you are not from USA?

Now, since some of these AARP games require AARP membership, you might be wondering if you can join the AARP as member from outside US. You can, but you need to get a 1-year membership for that.

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How to open and access AARP Games?

To open AARP games and access free games online, you have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of AARP on AARP.ORG
official website of AARP Games
  • From Menu, select the option of Games and Click on All.
AARP Games Location in Menu
  • Now, choose the AARP game you want to play from the list of games there.
choose a game from AARP Games
  • Click on the Play Now button as shown in image.
play now option on AARP Games

This is how you can easily play AARP Games on your phone as well as on desktop or laptop.

If you want to play more games like AARP Games, you can visit these other websites too:

  1. Senior Gamer
  2. Games for the Elderly
  3. MindGames
  4. Sixty and Me
  5. SeniorNet
  6. WellGames
  7. GameHouse
  8. Big Fish Games

Read other resources for older people gaming:

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