I’m Betting On All Non-Favorite Teams On Tomorow’s Football Match

going all non favorite tomorrow

I’m placing my bets on all the underdogs in tomorrow’s football matches. Despite the odds being against them, I believe these teams have what it takes to surprise everyone and come out on top. Pay attention as I take a chance on the teams that are often overlooked but have the potential to shine. Let’s see if my strategy pays off and if these teams can defy the odds.

Please note that this is not a betting recommendation so do not use the same strategy as I do if you are not doing it on your own consent and responsibility. Any profit or loss here is yours and not mine so I do take any responsibility of any kind of loss you sustain.

Check the tabulated odds of all major football matches tomorrow.

Ethiopia – Premier League, WomenMechal SC vs. Yirga Chefe Bunna SC1.117.6026.47
International – UEFA Euro, Group DAustria vs. France5.894.301.59
International – UEFA Euro, Group ERomania vs. Ukraine4.403.501.92
Belgium vs. Slovakia1.504.506.80
Sweden – SuperettanTrelleborgs FF vs. IK Brage2.753.502.39
Egypt – Premier LeagueEl Gouna FC vs. National Bank2.903.102.44
El Zamalek vs. Al Masry Club2.133.253.30
Ismaily SC vs. Enppi Club2.602.852.90
Norway – 2nd Division, avd 2Vålerenga IF II vs. Tromsdalen8.406.601.25
Brazil – Brasileiro Serie AAtlético-MG vs. Palmeiras2.753.252.75
Chile – Copa ChileCD Provincial Ovalle FC vs. Cobresal12.006.601.18
CSD Barnechea vs. DEPORTES LIMACHE2.553.302.55
Uruguay – Primera Division, Intermedio, Serie BCA Boston River vs. Cerro Largo FC2.413.152.95
Argentina – Primera B, AperturaClub Atletico Los Andes vs. Canuelas FC1.473.907.60
Sportivo Italiano vs. CA Colegiales5.203.501.68
Brazil – Brasileiro Serie BChapecoense vs. Operário-PR2.652.803.15
Brazil – Brasileiro Serie CABC vs. Volta Redonda2.323.103.15
Náutico vs. Floresta CE1.563.855.80
Australia – Victoria Premier League 1FC Bulleen Lions vs. Caroline Springs George Cross FC2.003.802.95
Kingston City FC vs. Preston Lions FC3.504.301.73
Australia – Victoria Npl, WomenHeidelberg United SC vs. FC Bulleen Lions5.004.601.46
Uzbekistan – SuperligaFc Olimpik vs. Otmk Olmaliq2.953.002.34
Lokomotiv Tashkent vs. PFK Dinamo Samarqand2.113.203.20
Lithuania – II LygaZalgiris Vilnius vs. Sveikata1.504.604.70
Norway Amateur – 3rd Division, Group 2Madla vs. Sandefjord Fotball 22.804.202.05
Sola vs. Start 21.844.603.15
Norway Amateur – 3rd Division, Group 1Asane II vs. Sandviken3.904.901.62
Norway Amateur – 3rd Division, Group 3MJONDALEN 2 vs. Gamle Oslo FK5.204.901.47
Norway Amateur – 3rd Division, Group 4Stabaek Fotball 2 vs. Mosjoen1.256.807.40
Norway Amateur – 3rd Division, Group 5Skedsmo vs. Aalesund 27.005.401.33
Norway Amateur – 3rd Division, Group 6Kongsvinger 2 vs. HAMKAM 22.194.302.55
Sweden – DamallsvenskanKopparbergs/Gothenburg vs. Vittsjo Gik1.205.6011.00
Argentina – Torneo Federal A, Group 2San Martin de Mendoza vs. SPORTIVO Y BIBLIOTECA ATENAS2.082.854.00
Argentina – Torneo Federal A, Group 3Linqueno vs. Def. de Belgrano de Villa Ramallo2.752.702.90
Argentina – Copa de la Liga, ReservesLanus vs. Banfield Reserve2.303.203.10
Velez Sarsfield Reserve vs. Talleres de Cordoba Reserves1.603.905.40
CA River Plate (Arg) vs. Defensa Y Justicia Reserves1.743.554.70
Estudiantes de LP Reserves vs. No Boys Reserve2.063.203.70
Argentina – Primera Division A, Women, AperturaCA Huracan vs. Ferro Carril Oeste3.803.252.01
CA Platense vs. CA River Plate (Arg)5.003.951.62
Brazil – Copa Paulista, Group 5Oeste vs. União Suzano1.354.708.40
Brazil – Brasileiro Serie D, Group A1Trem AP vs. Princesa d. Solimoes3.103.102.29
Brazil – Brasileiro Serie D, Group A7Água Santa vs. Pouso Alegre2.003.153.80
Brazil – Campeonato Brasileiro, Serie A1, WomenBotafogo FR RJ vs. Internacional3.153.152.26
Fluminense vs. América-MG2.113.253.35
Sao Paulo FC vs. Palmeiras2.073.353.35
CORINTHIANS vs. Red Bull Bragantino SP1.177.0013.00
USA – USL, League OneNorthern Colorado Hailstorm FC vs. One Knoxville SC2.203.702.90
USA – USL W LeagueTampa Bay United vs. Brooke House FC1.0610.0024.00
Manhattan SC vs. Paisley Athletic FC3.804.801.65


Let’s assume a random 20% of the bets are won. First, we will calculate the outcomes for betting $100 on each non-favorite team (Team 1) and tally the wins and losses.

  1. Total Bets: Number of non-favorite teams
  2. Number of Wins: 20% of total bets
  3. Winning Amount: Sum of winning bets
  4. Losing Amount: Total bets minus winning amount
  5. Net Gain/Loss: Winning amount minus total bets
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Step-by-Step Calculation:

  1. Total number of non-favorite bets: 34
  2. Number of wins (20% of 34): 0.2 × 34 = 6.8 ≈ 7 (rounded)
  3. Winning amount for each win: ( 100 \times \text{odd} )
  4. Total winning amount: Sum of all winning bets
  5. Total bet amount: ( 34 \times 100 = 3400 )
  6. Net Gain/Loss: Total winning amount – Total bet amount

Let’s calculate each step in detail.

Winning Amount

Summing up the odds and winnings for 7 random wins:

  1. Mechal SC vs. Yirga Chefe Bunna SC (26.47)
  2. Austria vs. France (5.89)
  3. Romania vs. Ukraine (4.40)
  4. Belgium vs. Slovakia (6.80)
  5. CD Provincial Ovalle FC vs. Cobresal (12.00)
  6. Sportivo Italiano vs. CA Colegiales (5.20)
  7. CA Platense vs. CA River Plate (Arg) (5.00)

Winning amounts for each win:

  1. ( 100 \times 26.47 = 2647 )
  2. ( 100 \times 5.89 = 589 )
  3. ( 100 \times 4.40 = 440 )
  4. ( 100 \times 6.80 = 680 )
  5. ( 100 \times 12.00 = 1200 )
  6. ( 100 \times 5.20 = 520 )
  7. ( 100 \times 5.00 = 500 )

Total winning amount: ( 2647 + 589 + 440 + 680 + 1200 + 520 + 500 = 6576 )

Total Bets and Net Gain/Loss

  1. Total bet amount: $3400
  2. Total winning amount: $6576
  3. Net Gain/Loss: ( 6576 – 3400 = 3176 )


If one bets $100 on each non-favorite team and a random 20% of the bets are won, the net gain would be $3176.

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