Google Adds Toggle Buttons For Discover and Followed Sites

google disover gets a new toggle feature

In a recent update visible in the Google Discover feed, I observed a change that makes sense and should already have been there. There is a new toggle button in the Discover feed that helps you switch between the sites you are following from the Discover feed which usually suggests article Google recommends you based on your interests.

The new toggle button probably is being tested right now because there has not been a big news about this yet. We are probably one of the first publishers to write about this new feature.

How to switch between Google Discover and Sites you follow?

When you are using the Google chrome browser and have turned on the Discover feature, you usually see a feed of recommended articles and web stories below the search bar. But Google news also gives you an option to follow certain publishers and content creators.

The new toggle feature lets you switch between the recommended feature and followed site by clicking on the two buttons – Discover and Following. Check the image below for reference.

You can see that before the news or recommended feed starts, there is a button to switch the type of content Google shows you. That is a relief to those who want their followed sites to be shown on top but usually it doesn’t happen. The websites that you follow used to get mixed in with recommended content and ad within the discover feed. The new toggle button feature solves this problem.

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What happens when I turn off the discover feed? Do I keep getting feed from my followed site?

Unfortunately, no. We tried and tested this only to find that when you turn off the discover option, you also lose the content feed from your followed sites and they no more are displayed on the homepage of Google search anymore.

However, you will still be able to see the content in your Google News App. You can turn off the discover and keep Google News as a bookmark on your Google search homepage. That way, you can easily get all the news articles from your followed websites directly into your Google news feed.

Author: Shubham Agrawal

Shubham is an experienced tech-guy who has worked on Internet applications for last 8 years. Before working for Talkshubh USA, he has worked at Talkshubh News and Paycharge. He is heavily interested in Gaming, Android Apps and anything that has to take with Internet. He has got several awards and certifications for his expertise in digital content creation.

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