Mikayla Campinos Naked Pictures Leaked On Various Google Groups

multiple mikayla campinos naked pictures leaked

Recently, in a very disturbing news, various Google groups on Internet leaked multiple mikayla campinos naked pictures. These groups working under the name of “Pennie Whiteaker” are leaking nude pictures of various celebrities. This unacceptable news came into light while our research on how Google groups were being misused to distribute disturbing content.

Who is Mikayla Campinos?

Mikayla Campinos is an Internet personality who has more than 600K followers on Instagram. She is a public figure and she posts funny relationship reels and snaps for her users. Mikayla Campinos is also very popular on reddit and is one of the most searched celebrities on the social media platform.

Check how to contact her on various social media platforms:

What is the naked picture controversy of Mikayla Campinos?

Various social media platforms and forums like reddit, Telegram and Google groups were found sharing naked pictures of Mikayla Campinos. These nude pictures seem to have been either AI generated or created using Deepfake tools. These groups are openly sharing the nude pics and videos whereas it is totally against the social norms as well as illegal activities.

However, Campinos has not mentioned these in any of her posts and we think that these social media platforms should censor any post regarding explicit pictures of Campinos.

Image source : Instagram

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