Biden Campaign Spends $85k on Memes While Firefighters Earn $55K

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In what might be the most baffling use of campaign funds to date, the Biden for President (BFP) campaign is now offering up to $85,000 a year for someone to make memes. Yes, you read that right. The job, officially titled Partner Manager, Content and Meme Pages, involves creating and managing digital content, focusing specifically on memes.

The idea is to engage voters through popular internet culture, apparently because that’s where the minds of the electorate are believed to be. This role, based in Wilmington, Delaware, requires managing relationships with digital media companies and meme pages. So, not only are we paying someone a hefty salary to make memes, but they also need to schmooze with the meme elite of the internet.

One has to wonder if this is really the best use of campaign funds. Are memes now the cornerstone of political discourse? Is this how we’re spending our money to “bring political content to voters”?

This move highlights a significant shift in political campaigning, showing just how far we’ve come—or maybe how far we’ve fallen. Instead of focusing on substantial political strategies, the campaign seems to think that relatable, humorous images will sway voters.

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Compare This Salary to What Our Heroes Make

To put this in perspective, let’s compare this salary with the earnings of other professions in the United States:

  1. Teachers: The average salary for a public school teacher in the U.S. is about $30,000 to $60,000 per year. These professionals are responsible for educating the next generation, often working long hours and spending their own money on classroom supplies.
  2. Nurses: Registered nurses earn an average of $60,000 to $75,000 annually. These healthcare workers provide essential medical care, often under stressful and physically demanding conditions.
  3. Police Officers: The average salary for a police officer is around $65,000 per year. They put their lives on the line daily to ensure public safety and enforce the law.
  4. Social Workers: On average, social workers earn about $50,000 to $67,000 annually. They work with vulnerable populations, providing support and resources to improve people’s lives.
  5. Firefighters: Firefighters make about $55,000 per year. These brave individuals risk their lives to protect others and save property from fires.
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Now, let’s juxtapose these figures with the $85,000 being offered to create memes for a political campaign. While teachers shape minds, nurses and police officers ensure our health and safety, and social workers and firefighters provide critical services, a meme creator will be focusing on internet culture and digital trends.

Is this the future of political engagement? Paying someone $85,000 to create memes might sound absurd, but it’s a reality now. It’s a bold strategy, but whether it’s effective or just plain ridiculous remains to be seen. One thing is clear: the way we engage with voters is changing, and not everyone is convinced it’s for the better.

Author: Shubham Agrawal

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