Do We Need Bluesky Invite Code To Use New DM Feature?

bluesky now has DM feature without invite code

Bluesky, the social media app and competitor of Twitter/X has launched its own DM feature in which people can message each other privately. The feature will now give an option to the users of Bluesky who were only allowed to have public conversation till now. However, just like Bluesky invite code was needed once to join the social network, do we need a new Bluesky invite code for DM feature access too?

We don’t need an invite code to get Bluesky DM feature

If you have already joined Bluesky as a member, you will start seeing the DM option in the ‘Chat’ tab automatically without needing an invitation. The social media platform was launched as an invite-only network of members but was opened for everyone to join this year.

How do we access the DM feature without invite code in Bluesky?

To use the private message feature in Bluesky, you have to click on the Chat tab. You can then start a new conversation there.

Please note that for now Bluesky will only allow non-group chats.

The announcement was made by the official handle of Bluesky-

Now available: DMs! Start a private conversation with a friend directly on Bluesky within the Chat tab. 💬 Update to the latest version of the app (1.83) or refresh on desktop to start chatting!

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— Bluesky ( May 23, 2024 at 12:27 am

Why people are loving Bluesky?

Bluesky, despite being much similar to Twitter, is being loved by users as seen in their app store reviews. The idea that people love the most is how Bluesky has been taking base as what Twitter once used to be like. People who loved the Twitter in the beginning, are loving this basic layout that Bluesky is giving them.

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Bluesky has been updating new features in their app continuously and people like this. Some people, however, complained that various UI/UX issues are as it is.

Bluesky currently has more than 1 million downloads on Google Play Store. If you have personally used Bluesky and want to share your review with us, please post in comments. We read every comment and update out content based on your reviews.

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