Weird Subreddit r/CaptionsSPH promotes small penis humiliation captions

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Internet is really a well of deep water, deeper you go more weird it gets. Recently, while browsing Reddit, I found this unique subreddit that promotes small penis humiliation captions. Who gets these ideas after all? The subreddit is called r/CaptionsSPH and you can find funny and yet humiliating small penis captions there. I don’t know if you want to know more or not, but if you do, for some reason I am writing this article on it!

What does ‘small penis humiliation caption’ mean?

The subreddit says that it is almost a duty of society to tell the inferior men by which it means people with small penis, that they are inferior after all! Obviously for fun but at the same time humiliation, these posts often ridicule small penis holders. I found it funny but it definitely might be offensive to many too! But then, what on reddit isn’t?

Small penis humiliation caption means that when someone’s small penis picture of video is posted, these texts humiliate them!

Most of these captions are referred to be said by women to men who have smaller organ. They use terms like beta male and small dick energy to humiliate those men. Here’s an example-

“I think I know why you look so nervous. You’re used to hitting on drunk coeds at the local bar and tricking them into fu*king you. They can’t tell that you are a tiny d*ck beta guy. But I’m not one of the silly coed girls. I am a grown woman and I will not spare your feelings. So stop and show me you have the right equipment to f*ck me or get the f*ck out of my house. Oh, now you’re having second thoughts? Haha, I figured Shrimp d*ck.”

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So now you have an idea of what I am talking about, right?

Another post had this humiliating small penis caption-

Look at me, Go ahead. take a good look at me. What is it about me that makes you think I would f*ck a beta loser like you? Never mind. Don’t even bother to answer. It’s never going to happen. But feel free to stroke your tiny worthless cl*t-sized di*k to picture of me!

Are these subreddits legal and allowed to make fun of small penis?

Yes they are! They are jokes and pornography, both of which are allowed on internet. Also, none of these actually target someone specific. They make jokes on the trait of having a small penis. It is shaming, indeed. But it is not illegal.

Subreddits like CaptionsSPH are wildly popular too!

Even for a small circle of 24K members, the subreddit get usual posts and is regularly updated.

Who are the moderators of the r/CaptionsSPH subreddit?

Here is a list of moderators for this small penis humiliation captions subreddit-

  • burgo666
  • microppme
  • uselesswhiteboi1999
  • jack_!2j
  • MasticatrixPenalty

So if you want to know more about this subreddit, give them a go! Drop a message and they might just respond!

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