Add Bullet Points in Google Slides, Sheets and Docs, Simple Guide

guide to add bullets to google slides, sheets and Docs

Need to organize your information in Google Slides, Sheets, or Docs? Bullet points are your friends! Learn how to add them quickly, customize their appearance, and even create sub-bullets within your lists. Let’s get started!

Google Web Applications for document making and editing have taken over many other Office apps. Even though MS-Office remains the prime software for documents, Google apps have become a winner for Android users as well as Chrome users. One feature that is very important in creating any document, sheet or slide is bulleting feature. Learn how to add bullet points in Google Slides, Sheets, and Docs, all in one guide.

Adding Bullet points on web is pretty easy

When you are using a web document application, a very easy way to list items is by using “-” and then pressing the spacebar. It automatically converts the dash or hyphen into a bullet point. However, if you want to know what is the way to use Google slide feature and create bullets in Google slide, here is the way:

  • Go to Google Slides Website and then create a new presentation.
  • In the presentation, there are text box by default. But you can also add a textbox using the Insert tab.
  • Alternatively, click on the Text Box icon as shown in the image below.
add a text box to create bullets in Google slides
  • Write the list that you want to add bullet points to in Google slides.
  • Select the list.
  • Click on the three dots as shown in image below, and then click on “Bulleted List” icon.
image showing the location of bulleted list option in Google Slides
  • Your bullets have been added to the slide.
  • To change the bullet style, click on the downward arrow beside the ‘bulleted list’ icon. Check the image below for help.
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location of changing bullet styles in Google Slides
  • Now you can select the design of bullets you want to add.
  • Congrats, you have added bullets in Google slide.

Shortcut to convert a list into bullets in Google Slides

  • The shortcut is to press Ctrl+Shift+8 on Windows and Cmd+Shift+8 in Apple device.
  • Another shortcut is to type a hyphen and press spacebar. It will create the bullet for you.

How to add bullet points in Google Sheets?

Now that we have learnt how to add bullet points to Google slides, let us do the same in Google sheets. Google sheets, as you must already know, is the Excel-like web app by Google. It helps you in creating table, documents and spreadsheets. The process is very different. The reason is that instead of creating a list, you add just bullet points in Google sheets.

Add bullet points in Google Sheets using shortcut keys

  • First way to add bullets in Sheets is by using the keyboard shortcut.
  • Enable the number keys by pressing the Num Lock key.
  • Now, press Alt and 7 together.
  • That will create a bullet in Google Sheets.

Here, you need to know that it won’t work with the number keys that you have above the QWERTY board. It will only work at the Number Keypad on the right side of the table.

Copy-Paste the bullet points into Google Sheets

Another way is to copy the bullets from somewhere and pasting it into the Google Sheet. We are provide you the bullet below which you can copy and paste in your sheet. It will make things easy.


Copy the bullets from above and paste it into your Google Sheet.

Add bullet points using formula

Another way to add bullet points in Google sheets is to use the CHAR formula.

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Type =CHAR(8226) and press enter in the cell you want to add bullets in. It will create a bullet point there.

add bullet points to Google sheets using formula

Here is a video guide to this

How to make bullet points in Google Docs?

Just like Google Slides and Google sheets, now let us talk about how to add bullets to Google Docs.

  • Go to Google Docs and create a document.
  • Type a list of items you want to add bullet points to.
  • Select the item of place the placeholder on the line you want to add bullets to.
  • Click on bulleted list icon.

Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+Shift+8 together to add bullets in Google Docs.

How to go back to main bullet point in Google Docs or Google Slide?

So now that you have added bullet points to your Google Slide or Google Docs, you might have, by mistake obviously, made a sub-bullet point within a main bullet point that you want to go back.

So how do we go back to main bullet point now?

For this, you need to use the ‘Decrease Indent’ option.

  • Go to the item or bullet you want to go back to main bullet.
  • Select and then click on the ‘Decrease Indent’ icon as shown in image below.
make bullet in Google Docs go back to main bullet

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+[” and make the bullet go back to main bullet in Google Docs.

Some FAQs about using bullets in Google Docs, Slides and Sheets

How to create a sub-item in bulleted list in Google Docs?

To create a sub-item bullet in Google doc, use ‘Increase Indent’ icon or press “Ctrl+]” on keyboard.

How to make a checklist in Google Docs?

To create a checklist, add a bulleted list to Google doc item and then create the down icon. Select the checklist bullet-type.

How to convert a bullet into numbered list?

If you have created bulleted list but you want it to be converted into numbered list, press Ctrl+Shift+7.

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