Speaker Notes on Google Slides, How to Add, Edit And Show?

Speaker notes on Google Slides

Speaker Notes or Presenter Notes in Google Slide is an amazing feature and your best friend while you are presenting! It not only helps you keep track of your presentation, but also provides you with a space where you can write down important reminders, points you could easily forget, notes to keep the flow of presentation going as well as content that are supporting the presentation. Google Slides, no matter whether you are using on PC, Tablet, Phone or any device, it lets you use the Speaker notes feature easily. In this guide, we are telling you how to use Google Slides speaker notes feature, how to add a speaker note, edit it or view it while presenting.

How to add notes on Google Slides?

Before we tell you how to view or edit a speaker note in Google slides, let us add one first. Adding speaker notes in Google slide is very easy. However, since you are looking for the instructions, we are safe to assume that you have no idea how to add presenter notes to Google Slides. Here, we have a very simple guide for you.

To add new speaker notes in Google slides, use following steps-

  • Open Google Slides website.
  • Create a new slide and then open the first slide page.
  • Below the slide section, you will see a separator icon as shown in image below.
speaker notes section in Google Slides
  • You can either click on the small grey area below the separator, or drag it upwards as shown in image below.
expand speaker notes section in Google Slides
  • Once expanded, you can add speaker notes in the grey area.

So these are simple steps you can follow to add Speaker notes or presenter notes to Google Slides.

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Once you have added those, you can edit and view the speaker notes easily.

Add Speaker Notes in Google Slides App on Phone or Tablet

Now, if you are using a phone or tablet like iPad or iPhone or Android phones, and you want to add speaker notes in Google Slides App, the process is a little different. For that, you don’t see the speaker notes section right at the bottom. Instead, the option is in the side menu.

Here is how you can add speaker notes to Google Slides App on Android or iOS-

  • Go to App store and download Google Slides App.
  • Create a new presentation and add a new slide.
  • Now, click on three dots on the right top corner of the page. Check the image below for reference.
add speaker notes in Google Slides on Phone

Do speaker notes show when presenting Google Slides?

Now, once you have added speaker notes to Google Slides, you might be wondering whether these notes are visible to your audience while you are presenting or not.

Let us clarify this here: You can see it as a presenter, but the audience doesn’t see the speaker notes during presentation. So it is completely safe for you to open and view presenter notes while presenting and use them to keep your presentation going smooth.

However, if you have same screen for both presenting and handling the presentation, audience are going to see your speaker notes too. So it is advised that you use either Zoom call to present, or use separate screen for audience and yourself as a presenter.

How to see speaker notes while presenting on Google Slides?

To see the presenter notes while presenting on Google slides, you have options for both phone and PC. If you are using a computer device, you can find the speaker notes right beside the presentation slide.

You can view the speaker notes while presenting but the screen that is shown to the audience will not have the side section. You do not need to open any menu or option to view the speaker notes on PC.

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However, on iPhone or iPad or other android devices, you will have to open the speaker notes by clicking on the three dots that you see on the top of your slide. Check the image below for reference.

speaker notes option is available under three dots above the slide

You can see how I have a presentation on a tablet device and there are three dots on the top right part of the page. You have to click on those dots while you are presenting. There, you will see your presenter notes.

So now you have understood how to add presenter notes or speaker notes in Google Slides as well as how to view or show it while presenting. Now, let us see if we can edit the speaker notes or not! I mean, we can! But how?

How to edit speaker notes in Google Slides?

I am not going to expand this part too big because this is very simple.

To edit speaker notes in Google slides, you have to just open the Slide creation page or editing page and then edit the speaker notes. Just like that. There is no special option needed for editing.

You can add notes, remove something or modify a part of your speaker notes and it automatically gets updated.

How to hide speaker notes in Google Slides?

Now, let us say that you are using Speaker notes feature but when you want to print the page, you want the speaker slides to be hidden.

The easiest way to do that on PC is to drag the separator down until the speaker notes are no more visible.

On the mobile device, speaker notes are already hidden in Google Slides. However, if you have opened the speaker notes to view, you can just tap anywhere away from the speaker notes section and it will get hidden.

So that was our guide on using the presenter notes feature in Google Slides. If you are a regular user of Google Docs products like Sheets, Slides etc, we have more guides for you. Check those out too-

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