9 Tools to find latest trends on social media for your content

how to find current trends on social media

When you decide to become an influencer, you know you are getting into a world of trend and popularity. Numbers matter in the world of social media. How many people are talking about a topic? How many times a hashtag was used recently? How many shares are posts on a news getting? Trending topics have become the center of work for social media influencers. If you follow the trend, you will have a higher chance of having a successful social media career.

In this guide, I am going to tell you how to use Internet tools and websites to find current trends on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook etc. For your next viral content, use these trend-tracking websites and increase your chance of getting viral.

Before that, let us talk about why it is important to know about new social media trends?

Why Trends On Social Media Matter (and the Numbers to Prove It)?

There are obvious reasons why trending topics on social media are of importance. However, we are backing these reasons with data here for credibility:

  • Increased Engagement: As per Christina Nicholsen’s article on Huffpost, Tweets with trending hashtags receive an average of 12% more engagement than those without. Read the report here on Mention.com.
  • Higher Visibility: Trending topics often appear at the top of social media feeds and search results, increasing your chances of being seen.
  • Relevance: Posting about current trends demonstrates that you’re in tune with your audience and the cultural conversation.

Where to Discover the Current Trends on Social Media?

If you want to create new content and you don’t know the tools that you can use to search trending topics for Instagram reels or YouTube videos, this list is going to give you all the information you need.

Use trend tracking websites to find trending hashtags

The first tool we are going to talk about is the trend-tracking website tool. These websites use APIs from social media platforms to collect trending hashtags and then display it in real-time. You can check as early as past 1 hour of trending hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

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Some of the trend tracking websites to find current social media trending hashtags are:

  • Trends24.in: Tracks trending hashtags and topics in real-time across major platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Offers global and location-specific insights.
  • Getdaytrends.com: Focuses on Twitter trends, showing you what’s currently popular and what’s gaining momentum.
  • BrandMentions: Monitors mentions of your brand (or competitors’) across social media, blogs, and news sites, helping you gauge sentiment and identify potential trends.
preview of how trends24 tool shows realtime trends

These tools give you free data and first two tools don’t require sign up of registration too. BrandMentions also gives you some report without registration, so we had to add that one in our list.

Using a trend-tracking tool is pretty simple. Go to the tool’s homepage and then choose the country you want to see trends of. You can then choose the social media platform and you will get a list of hashtags and words that are trending in past 1hr and earlier.

BrandMentions however gives you more details about how many times a certain brand was mentioned on social media. If gives you a personalized report on trending talk about your own brand.

Overall, it is a good idea to use this trend tracking tools to know what is trending currently on social media platforms. It will help you in planning your next content better.

Use analytics tools provided by social media platforms

The second type of tools you can use to find trending topics on Social media are the official tools provided by social media platforms. These tools usually provide enough data for you to not require third party tools at all. However, these tools are less transparent as well as their reporting is not for topic research that content creators can find as useful as the audience who want to watch trending videos.

the explore page on twitter has a trending tab for real-time trending topics

However, if used properly, you can get some benefit from the social media platforms’ trend page too.

  • Twitter: The “Explore” tab is your go-to for trending hashtags and topics. You can also see what’s trending in specific locations.
  • YouTube: The “Trending” page showcases popular videos across various categories.
  • Instagram: The professional dashboard for creators and businesses provides insights into trending Reels topics and hashtags. Check their guide on finding trending reels.
  • TikTok: The “For You” page is a treasure trove of viral sounds, challenges, and dances.
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These platforms provide some insight into how your own content is performing, which reels or videos are being watched the most as well as what people are preferring currently. Use them to adjust changes in your next video so that they can get more engagement and reach.

Use Buzzsumo and Google Trends to know about real-time trending content

We, at Talkshubh USA, use these two tools to know what content is being read and shared the most by people on Internet. Not just on social media platforms, but in Google News as well. When something happens, Google News suddenly gets filled with breaking news about it. With that, the Google trends dashboard also starts showing you topics that are trending right now. Similarly, Buzzsumo shows which news articles are being shared the most on social media as well as the likes and comments that they are getting. This tells you what kind of topics are getting more reach and engagement on social media right now.

How to Find Trending Content with Buzzsumo & Google Trends: Quick Steps

How to use Buzzsumo to find trending content on a topic?

  1. Open the Buzzsumo website.
  2. Login and then type in topics or keyword to find trends.
  3. Choose the platform, country and type of content to research.
  4. See what is trending right now and analyze their backlinks or authority.
buzzsumo sample report for trending topics search

How to use Google Trend to find trending content?

  1. Go to Google Trends website.
  2. Choose your country.
  3. See trends in last 24 hr as well as real-time trends.
  4. To search keywords that people are searching, type the topic in search box.
  5. Scroll down and check rising as well as top keywords for that topic.
sample trending page for Google trends

So these are simple step-by-step guides for using the two of our favorite tools for getting trend report for your next content. While Google trends is a free tool, Buzzsumo requires a subscription to use its features. If you are not in mood of spending too much money, you can go with Google Trends alone!

By staying informed and utilizing these tools and strategies, you can harness the power of social media trends to boost your engagement, grow your following, and establish yourself as a relevant and influential voice in your niche. May the trend be with you!

Author: Shubham Agrawal

Shubham is an experienced tech-guy who has worked on Internet applications for last 8 years. Before working for Talkshubh USA, he has worked at Talkshubh News and Paycharge. He is heavily interested in Gaming, Android Apps and anything that has to take with Internet. He has got several awards and certifications for his expertise in digital content creation.

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