Thanks to Unitree G1, You Can Buy AI Robot Online. But Should You?

unitree g1 AI robot is launched for sale

With the rise of AI apps and tools, AI robots don’t seem that far away as our next regular part of life. Unitree has already launched an AI robot for sale at a much smaller price than they were available till now. Unitree Robotics, a Chinese robotics company, has launched the Unitree G1, a humanoid robot and is available for order now. But what does this mean for consumers, and what are the implications for the future of work and society?

Unitree G1: A Breakthrough in Affordable Humanoid Robots

The Unitree G1 is a game-changer in the world of personal robotics. Launched in early 2024, this two-legged robot boasts impressive features: hands with force control and touch sensors, a walking speed of 4.5 MPH, and a battery life of around two hours. All this for a price of $16,000, far less than other humanoid robots on the market.

Watch this clip of Unitree G1 moving around –

Now for that price, it might seem like not that many people can buy it. But you must know that about 8.8% of USA population are millionaires. And that accounts for about 25 million people. So you can only assume that thousands if not millions or AI robots can be seen walking in USA very soon. It might seem far, but it isn’t.

Unitree G1 vs. the Competition: Boston Dynamics & Agility Robotics

While not the first robot of its kind available to the public, the G1’s affordability and advanced features set it apart. USA based robot companies like Boston Dynamics, known for their agile Atlas robot, and Agility Robotics, creator of the Digit robot for warehouses, offer competing products. However, these typically come at a much higher cost. Cheaper cost might make the Unitree G1 the first robot to populate households. It’s a possibility we cannot ignore.

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In the United States, companies like Boston Dynamics and Agility Robotics primarily focus on industrial and research uses for their humanoid robots. The Atlas, with its remarkable agility, is a flagship product of Boston Dynamics. Meanwhile, Agility Robotics’ Digit is designed to help in warehouses and with deliveries.

Do we need to worry about rise of commercial AI robots?

The rise of affordable AI robots like the Unitree G1 will start a new debate about the future of work, automation, and social impact. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has voiced concerns about the potential dangers of AI, suggesting it could be a serious threat to humanity.

But despite potential risks, AI robots are being seen as a promise of transforming industries like manufacturing, delivery, healthcare, and education. Society definitely seems to be undermining the concerns about job loss, safety, and ethical considerations. We are talking about it, but the actions and directions world is choosing about it seems rather opposite.

A study by the Brookings Institution estimates that 25% of U.S. jobs could be done by machines in the near future.

Is Now the Time to Buy a Unitree Robot?

The Unitree G1 launch is a big step towards affordable, capable AI robots. However, the decision to purchase one needs to be examined carefully. Just because you can afford one, doesn’t mean you should. Consider the potential benefits and risks, as well as the ethical implications of integrating AI robots into our lives and workplaces.

What do you think of Unitree’s G1? Comment your response to this event and how big you think this is going to be in future.

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