How to find someone’s phone number for free?

find someone's phone number

If you have someone’s phone number and you want to find who that is, we have written a detailed article on how to find someone by phone number. But in case you know a person but you don’t know their number, what do you do? How do you find someone’s phone number? You know their name, maybe address, their business or something else, but you want to find their phone number. It isn’t always easy, but still we are going to try finding out best ways to get someone’s contact number for free.

Ask around first to get someone’s phone number

We know this isn’t exactly a tech solution, but we had to mention this first. Best way to find someone’s phone number is to first try and doing it in the physical world. You may know someone mutually friend with the person you want number of. You may also know their relatives, friends, colleagues or contacts. You can ask them if they have the contact number of your person.

If not, we can choose other options as we are going to talk ahead. But first, try talking to people for the phone number of your desired person.

find someone's phone number for free by asking around

Search social media for the person’s profile

Another very commonly used method to find someone’s phone number is to search for them on Social Media. Lots of people do not tend to hide their contact information these days because social media has also become a source of business traffic. People tend to keep their contact information public so that their desired customers or clients can contact them.

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So on platform like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Threads, you may find that many people are openly sharing their contact number. Hence, our recommendation is to use the easy way and try finding the person’s contact number using their social media profile.

Even if their contact details aren’t public, you may message them on social media and ask for their contact detail.

Use social media to find someone's phone number for free

Check classified websites and apps

One more option that you can use to find someone’s phone number is to visit classified websites and apps. Many people tend to list their business on classified websites so that their customers can have a way to contact them. In USA, there are many online platforms that let people list their business along with phone number. You can visit those websites and find out if your desired person has shared their contact details there.

Some of the major classified websites in USA are:

  1. Craigslist
  2. Oodle
  3. ClassifiedAds
  4. Locanto
  5. Hoobly
  6. Geebo
  7. USA TODAY Classifieds

So visit these websites and search for their business for the contact number.

It’s not guaranteed, but you can try Whitepages for someone’s phone number too

You must know about Whitepages if you are an old-timer but if you are a part of the latest generation of Internet users, Whitepages might not be your thing. So let us tell you what Whitepage means.

Whitepages is an online directory of contacts and addresses in USA which gives you details about phone number and other details along with some background information of the person you desire. Whitepages use publicly available data of people and gather them to create a directory of contact details. They then let you access those for small price. So if you want to find someone’s phone number, you can try Whitepages too.

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