Tickzoo is Not a Ticket Booking Platform, Beware Of False Info

tickzoo is not what you are being told

If you are in the United States and you have SafeSearch on for your Google Search, there is a possibility that you might be fed false information. This may sound weird, but it’s true. For example, when you search “Tickzoo” with SafeSearch switched on, you get lots of false websites claiming that Tickzoo has revolutionized ticket booking! Because their entire article is written by AI models, most of which do not write about adult or explicit topics, they are posting misleading information that needs to be corrected.

In this fact-check, we are clarifying what Tickzoo actually is and why you should not fall for false information.

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What is Tickzoo in reality?

In reality, Tickzoo is an adult website that features explicit videos and images. While the name Tickzoo obviously sounds like a ticket booking app, it is far from the truth. You can see the actual Tickzoo website when you switch off your SafeSearch and then Google it again.

But why are people spreading false information about Tickzoo?

The reason why many platforms share false information about sites like Tickzoo is that with SafeSearch off, you will give them free organic traffic. Even though none of the information in their articles makes sense, you will still visit their website because your SafeSearch filter is on.

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To put it simple, they will make money off you!

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How to visit the actual Tickzoo website?

To visit the actual Tickzoo website, you have to either switch off your SafeSearch or visit this website directly in your browser – tickzoo.tv. We must clarify here that it is an adult website which will have explicit results.

Is Tickzoo a safe website?

Depends. Tickzoo is an NSFW website which has content not suitable for kids or underage people. That makes it unsafe for people who are below eighteen in age. However, in terms of technical safety, as long as you do not share any data or provide any kind of download permission to the website, Tickzoo might be safe for you.

Is Tickzoo a ticket booking website?

No, no way! Tickzoo is not a ticket booking website despite what all the fake websites on the Internet are claiming.

Is Tickzoo free to use?

Yes, Tickzoo is free but you will have to see ads on the website for using it. You can use an adblocker however.

Do we recommend Tickzoo?

No, we do not. We do not recommend any kind of adult or explicit content. However, it is your personal choice to use their service and there is nothing wrong with using Tickzoo if you prefer.

Author: Shubham Agrawal

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