Buying Used Tires in the USA? These 5 Apps Can Help

piles of car tires - Buying Used Tires in the USA? These Apps Can Help

Savvy shoppers know that buying used tires can be a great way to save money, with potential savings of up to 50% compared to new tires. However, finding the right set requires careful research. Thankfully, several apps can make the process easier for you, helping you find the perfect used tires near you and make informed decisions. Check out our best tips and apps for a smooth tire purchasing experience.

3 Apps to Find Used Tires Near You

First in our list are three apps that can help you find best used tires near your area anywhere in USA. We suggest you compare prices and qualities on more than one website rather than just buying what you see first. Check the list here:

  1. UTires: This app boasts an inventory of over 70,000 new and used tires, offering a vast selection to choose from.
  2. OfferUp & LetGo: With millions of users, these platforms often have a variety of used tire listings from local sellers.
  3. Facebook Marketplace: Facebook’s expansive user base makes it a reliable source for finding used tires in your community.

2 Apps to Learn About Tires

But how do you know what tires to buy? For that, check websites and apps that have big database of information about new and used tires. These two websites have thousands of tires for you to learn from. Check them out:

  1. TireBuyer: This app offers a comprehensive database of over 20,000 tires, along with helpful tools like a tire size calculator and comparison charts.
  2. Tire Rack: Tire Rack provides detailed tire reviews and ratings based on thousands of user experiences, giving you valuable insights into tire performance.
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What to Check in Used Tires Before Buying

Pay attention, this is important!

Check this video by Alex, The Car Doctor about what to see when buying a used tire:

When to Choose Used Tires Instead of New Tires

  • If Budget is a Concern: Used tires can be significantly cheaper than new ones. According to Consumer Reports, you can save an average of $50-$100 per tire by buying used.
  • If Your Vehicle Has Limited Use: If you need tires for a vehicle you rarely drive or for a short period, used tires might be a cost-effective option.
  • If You Need a Temporary Solution: If you need to replace a single tire and can’t find an exact match, a used tire could be a temporary solution until you can buy a new set.

When Not to Buy Used Tires

  • If Safety is a Concern: If you can’t verify the tire’s history or condition, it’s best to prioritize safety and buy new.
  • For High-Performance Vehicles: High-performance tires are designed to handle specific speeds and conditions, and finding a suitable used option can be challenging.
  • For Long-Term Use: If you plan on keeping the vehicle for a long time and driving it frequently, investing in new tires is a wiser choice due to their longer lifespan.
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Author: Dennis Hakkie

Dennis Hakkie is a USA-based automotive expert with over 15 years in the tire industry. He specializes in tire technology, maintenance, and safety, helping consumers make informed tire choices. John has contributed to several automotive publications, providing practical advice for maintaining and selecting the best tires.

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