100 Things to Do Instead of Being on Your Phone (Really Big List)

hobby ideas for things to do insttead of being on phone

Being on phone all the time has made us live an unhealthy life and probably stay unaware of many things that happen in nature. Instead of being on phone all the time, there are many hobbies we can choose from and get a hobby for ourselves. We can improve our physical and mental abilities, work on our betterment and meanwhile have some fun away from phone too. Wouldn’t you love that?

So here we are, with a big list of 100 unique hobbies for you to do instead of playing on your phone. You can choose your favorites from the list of hobby ideas and find something to do not on your phone, but away from it.

List of 100 hobbies ideas to do something without your phone

Check the list of hobby examples below-

  1. Learn painting and sketching to get off your phone.
  2. Repair broken things in your home.
  3. Talk to an elder about life.
  4. Read a book instead of being on your phone.
  5. Listen to music.
  6. Go for a walk instead of going on your phone.
  7. Help your parents with housework.
  8. Talk to a friend.
  9. Play outdoor games like Cricket, Hockey, Football, Soccer etc.
  10. Workout to get off your phone.
  11. Do personality improvement courses.
  12. Maintain hygiene instead of going on your phone.
  13. Help a child with homework.
  14. Write something like a poem, a story or a letter.
  15. Make a list of movies or songs you love.
  16. Create a Wishlist for future instead of being on your phone.
  17. Go to library and meet other people who like to be away from phone.
  18. Do community works.
  19. Clean your room.
  20. Arrange your cupboard and wardrobe.
  21. Learn swimming or Swim if you already know.
  22. Do Yoga or meditation instead of going on your phone.
  23. Visit Church, Temple, Mosque or any religious place if you are religious.
  24. Watch documentaries.
  25. Watch old movies on Television without a phone.
  26. Start a business.
  27. Play Chess, Checkers or other board games.
  28. Learn Card tricks.
  29. Get a part-time job at local stores or with your preferred skill.
  30. Learn a music instrument like Guitar or Piano.
  31. Paint your room.
  32. Spend some time in a park or garden.
  33. Make a beverage.
  34. Read Newspaper without a phone.
  35. Cook for your family to get off your phone.
  36. Learn baking instead of going on your phone.
  37. Visit historical places and museums in your town.
  38. Go on a trip.
  39. Go to farmer’s market and explore.
  40. Learn a new language physically instead of being on your phone.
  41. Do focus training to improve concentration without a phone.
  42. Start a lemonade stand for fun.
  43. Start a journal, write your thoughts in that.
  44. Do a local survey.
  45. Learn handicrafts and sell items for extra money.
  46. Take part in local events, protests, or community meetings.
  47. Learn about finance and money management other than to be on your phone.
  48. Go to local store and find what’s new in physical market.
  49. Go to salon and do skincare.
  50. Meet your old friends and re-bond with them.
  51. Ask your mother about her childhood and experiences.
  52. Start collecting old items.
  53. Learn about a public figure through books.
  54. Check for expired items in kitchen and refrigerator. Get rid of them.
  55. Make a list of household items to buy, and assist your family in physical store shopping.
  56. Join family business if it isn’t an online business only.
  57. Sort of personal finances and do accounting for yourself.
  58. Teach your elders something interesting that you know.
  59. If you love animals, then pet one or play with one if you have already.
  60. Feed stray animals.
  61. Learn about your locality’s history besides being on your phone.
  62. Explore a cafe or kitchen you haven’t been to.
  63. Start gardening or plant something new if you already garden.
  64. Solve puzzles, Sudoku or crosswords without a phone.
  65. Read physical comic books instead of being on your phone.
  66. Interview someone in your locality.
  67. Think about your weaknesses and plan to get rid of those.
  68. Learn about Ayurveda and herbal medicine.
  69. Explore other religions and their books.
  70. Improve your writing by learning calligraphy.
  71. Try to memorize a poem or song.
  72. Read dictionary to learn new words instead of going on your phone.
  73. Buy a small encyclopedia and learn new facts.
  74. Visit a local factory and learn how things are made in factories.
  75. Learn a new physical sport other than to be on your phone.
  76. Learn haircutting and other grooming skills.
  77. Learn about astronomy and stars. Try making star patterns in night sky.
  78. Get your health test done for routine checkup.
  79. Collect freebies from local store. Find offers by visiting market.
  80. Learn driving if you don’t. If you do, go for a drive.
  81. Learn toy making from old clothes. Sell them or distribute for free to local children.
  82. Visit an orphanage and spend time with kids there.
  83. Sleep, take some rest. Keep your body some relaxation.
  84. Do breathing exercise to improve lung health.
  85. Learn name of country-capitals and currencies.
  86. Learn about local laws and federal laws.
  87. Take sunbath if your local weather is good for it. Do in a healthy way.
  88. Run for improving stamina besides being on your phone.
  89. Help at local post-office or any other public office that allows volunteering.
  90. Take part in an internship program instead of going on your phone.
  91. Be someone’s therapist. Listen to their thoughts and help them release their stress. Do this only if you are mentally aware of the effect and okay with it.
  92. Learn about cuisines of various cultures. Try if you want.
  93. Volunteer at local charity or Non-Profit events.
  94. Learn basic sign language other than to be on your phone.
  95. Take a train or bus ride, just for fun. And return home after few hours of ride.
  96. Look for a harmless Guinness record breaking chance.
  97. Learn dancing besides being on your phone.
  98. Create a scavenger hunt.
  99. Learn astrology, palm reading or tarot card reading if you and your family is okay with it.
  100. Do a memory exercise to improve memory.

What are some of the things to do to get off your phone addiction?

You wouldn’t notice this happening, but we have all probably got a phone addiction. We have started going on our phone without even knowing why we are doing that. The constant urge of checking phone notifications are a disease in itself. So what are some things we can do to get off our phone addiction?

  • Use a minimalist theme that has nothing on the front screen to distract you.
  • For some time, keep your social media notifications silent. We understand that emergencies may come anytime, but there was a life before phone too.
  • Uninstall apps that take most of your time. Check Digital Wellbeing data to check which app consumes most of your time.
  • Force yourself into reading books. It has to start by force but soon you will start loving it. You brain just needs some stimulation.
  • Keep a small keypad phones for some days, without any social media application. Tell everyone to call you if there is an emergency.
  • Remove all entertainment apps like Netflix, Prime Video or Hulu and use television to watch movies and shows.
  • Play physical games to get off your phone rather than mobile games.
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Even though these are not guaranteed to get you off your phone, we do expect that these steps may be of some help. If you do want to add some more hobby ideas to the list of hobbies to do without a phone, comment and let us know. We are always ready to learn something new!

Since we have included hobbies like reading books and watching movies as well as playing or learning new sports, here are some additional resources that might be of help.

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